I am excited to introduce TWO13 Kosher Food Design Inc.!

As the doors of the Park Hyatt have closed the doors for an extensive transformation, new doors have opened. I have partnered with my longtime colleagues – Gail Aihoshi and Chef Raj Muregesu to create TWO13 Kosher Food Design Inc.

Our decision to venture into the exciting niche market of luxury Kosher Catering is rooted in our unparalleled expertise in this market, and the opportunity to create exceptional food design and events.

To this end, we collaborate with event design guru's, Gorman McILveen to ensure that all event details are flawlessly executed - from exclusive private events to blow-out celebrations.

Why TWO13?

Not only is salt critical in the kosher kitchen for the purification of all meat, it has been a symbol of purification and hospitality since biblical times. Leviticus 2:13 speaks to this.

A little salt goes a long way – in more ways than one!

Chef Joan Monfaredi

Joan Monfaredi
Executive Chef Owner
TWO13 Kosher Food Design Inc.